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The Cocom or Cocomes were a Maya family or dynasty who controlled the Yucatán Peninsula in the late Postclassic period. Their capital was at Mayapan. The dynasty was founded by Hunac Ceel, and was overthrown sometime between 1440 and 1441 by Ah Xupan of the Xiu lineage.

Cocom (disambiguation)

Cocom may refer to:

  • The Cocom, a Mayan dynasty of Mayapan in the Yucatan
  • CoCom, the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls organized to restrict Western exports to COMECON countries
  • COCOM, or Unified Combatant Command which is a United States joint military command that is composed of forces from two or more services and has a broad and continuing mission.
  • COCOM A/S, a Danish cable modem company acquired by CISCO Systems in 1999

Usage examples of "cocom".

Thus also Nachi Cocom, who dwelt in the chief town of Zututa in the province Chichen Itza, that called Chichen Itza, and Ah Cahuot Cocom, aiding the word of God and our great King, delivered up their standards and banners for the sake of our great King, for the conquest, and received the Adelantado and the father the priest in their towns, nor did they make war, but abstained from all injury, and laid out churches and town-houses for their followers.

Nachi Cocom, head of the ancient and powerful Cocom family, ruled at Zotuta when Montejo made his settlement at Merida, and was a determined enemy of the Spaniards.

Mayapan was destroyed in consequence of a violent feud between the two powerful families who jointly ruled there, the Cocoms and the Xius or Tutul Xius.