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Coch or COCH may refer to:

  • Cochlin, extracellular matrix protein enriched in the inner ear
  • Council of Christian Hospitals, in Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Aleix Coch (born 1991), Spanish footballer
  • Jessica Coch (born 1979), Mexican actress

Usage examples of "coch".

Three eastern students were going to escape with them: a young man called Werner Coch and another couple.

We shone the torch at it and stood there, and I thought of the twenty-nine people who left their country from here, and ofWerner Coch and the others.

Werner Coch got a lesser sentence-one year and nine months in ordinary prison-because the penalties for being an accessory to the attempt to flee the country were greater than the crime of trying to flee itself.

Bryn Coch, but there, to their horror, stood the Squire in the middle of the road quietly leaning on his staff.

Desde el amparo de los altos pilares hombres de rasurado mentón tiraban silenciosos, y eran el centro de un despavorido horizonte de coches de alquiler cargados de impacientes refuerzos, con artillería Colt en los puños.

He turned his back from the assart to the ford, after all, and waded the Severn in his shirt with his cotte and chausses under his arm, and went a good half of the way to Castell Coch before he dared take to the woods and lie waiting for full darkness.

By then he did not miss them, his sense of loneliness was so deeply accepted that it seemed to be his natural and eternal condition, and it was as if he did not look to see the silence broken again He went back no more to the companionable butts of Castell Coch, he was not drawn to the assart above the mill.

Tho vp him taking in their tender hands,They easily vnto her charet beare:Her teme at her commaundement quiet stands,Whiles they the corse into her wagon reare,And strow with flowres the lamentable beare:Then all the rest into their coches clim,And through the brackish waues their passage sheare.