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n. (plural of cob English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cob)


COBS may refer to:

  • Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing
  • CobS (enzyme)

Usage examples of "cobs".

At first, nearer the house, there were roses and bougainvillaea, poinsettia and banks of phlox, that formed bright bold slashes of colour, against a veld still brown from the long dry winter just passed, but nearer the stream the fields of maize were tended by convalescents from the mission clinic, and soon on the tall green plants the immature cobs would begin to set.

John, the doyerme of Khami Mission, had dutifully thanked the Almighty for His bounty but was going on, in conversational tones, to point out to Him that a little rain soon would help pollination of the immature cobs in the field and ensure a continuation of that bounty.

This season there will be no cobs of corn to reap, for the locusts have reaped them for us.

Behind the smokehouse after stoking a fire with wet cobs and hickory limbs.

Foolish folk, she continued, on a cold night might insist on burning their cobs in the fire.

The escort built a fire, roasted maize cobs over it and brewed Malawi tea, while Peter walked his guests in leisurely fashion along the causeway and went on with his lecture.

The maize stalks had dried, the cobs in their yellow sheaths were beginning to droop heavily, ready for the harvest.

They squatted under the iron roofs of the shelters, chattering and laughing, chewing roasted maize cobs, drinking Coca-Cola, some of the mothers feeding their infants from the breast, or scolding their toddlers.

Pete was second in command to Lake Henry's police chief William Ja cobs, and was a friend of Micah's, which was certainly why he'd been chosen to come.