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n. (plural of cobb English)


Cobbs is a surname, and may refer to

  • Arnett Cobb, American jazz saxophonist born Arnette Cleophus Cobbs
  • Bill Cobbs, American actor
  • Call Cobbs, Jr., American jazz organist
  • Janet Cobbs, American volleyball player
  • Tasha Cobbs, gospel musician
  • Willie Cobbs, blues musician

Usage examples of "cobbs".

     The boy looked on at the watering of the flowers for a little while, and then said, "I shall be very glad indeed to go, Cobbs,--Norah's going.

But before I take these measures, Cobbs, I should wish you to find from themselves whether your opinion is correct.

     When Cobbs said this, they both jumped for joy again, and cried out, "Oh, yes, yes, Cobbs!

Such is the honour of that mite, that he looks at Cobbs, to see whether he has brought him into trouble.

It is a particularly fine example of its class, and unlike most such was not gathered by the original settlers on Miranda, but is a product of the Cobbs Creek dig.

A house and a half down the street, all of Cobbs Creek faded to nonexistence.

To one side he could hear the excited water music of Cobbs Creek, in full flood and eager to merge with the river.

But youthey tell me you spoke with a fox-headed haunt back in Cobbs Creek.

It took a horrendous war to abolish slavery, and we aren't over the racial prejudices 130 years later (see Black Rage by Grier & Cobbs, 1968, and D'Souza, 1995).

They stopped and had lunch at Cobbs Mill Inn in Weston, which was wonderful, and came back to New York relaxed and exhausted.