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n. (context mythology English) In Aztec mythology, the goddess who gave birth to the moon and stars.


Coatlicue (; , , “skirt of snakes”), also known as Teteoh innan (, , “mother of the gods”), is the Aztec goddess who gave birth to the moon, stars, and Huitzilopochtli, the god of the sun and war. The goddesses Tocih “our grandmother”, and Cihuacoatl “snake woman”, the patron of women who die in childbirth, were also seen as aspects of Coatlicue.

Usage examples of "coatlicue".

The taboo had been broken and Coatlicue the dreadful was coming for him.

It was even darker below the bank—and this was where Coatlicue dwelled.

They had to be across the river by dark—for this was the time when Coatlicue walked.

He stopped then, and even retraced his steps because Coatlicue would be in the swamp as well.

His first thought was Coatlicue, then he realized that someone had been hidden close by among the rocks, waiting to take him if he emerged from the swamp.

He could have been taken then, easily, but the human watchers had been frightened away and Coatlicue did not return.

Because Coatlicue walked the Earth in solid guise did not mean that she was human or had human limitations.

Perhaps the serpents of Coatlicue could emerge from solid rock just as she could enter it He tugged on the body, harder and harder until it suddenly tore and came away in his hand.

How Coatlicue had left and how the snakes and scorpions had been admitted.

It was a way that only the gods used, he would have to consider that carefully, but he had seen Coatlicue twice and she had not seized him.

And on that day Coatlicue shall be destroyed before them and they shall be told to love one another, and that marriage between the clans of one village is forbidden and marriage is only proper between a man of one village and a woman of the other.

They are used to observe and control Coatlicue in the case of special circumstances.

Outlined against the blue of the morning sky stood the monstrous figure of Coatlicue, snake-headed and claw-armed.

A twist of the controls sent Coatlicue trundling forward at a slow run, jarring his body with every step.

He slowed Coatlicue as the pyramid came into sight, and the hissing diminished.