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n. (plural of coating English)

Coatings (album)

Coatings is a compilation album by English rock band Wire. It was released on 21 October 1997 which compiles studio recordings from the band's second era (1985–90) that appeared only as B-sides, alternate mixes, bonus tracks previously unavailable in the UK and several Peel Session tracks.

Usage examples of "coatings".

Broken glass lay shattered on the streets, and great numbers of Chiar, paralyzed by their own assimilated outer coatings, stood like statues.

Their outer coatings were still dull solid colors, and they continued to keep their heads lower than Nashi, Tell, and Ree did.

These three"-she gestured at the trio of Chiar with solid-color outer coatings, they continued to stare at the floor-"are Sherekti.

The Chiar, who were considerably shorter than the humans, stood on a platform so they could see better, and their outer coatings shimmered and shifted in clashing patterns.

Seven noticed Pek and Maski had dimmed their outer coatings and made it look as if they wore a simple wraparound blanket.

Their outer coatings swirled into black, and odd protuberances grew out of them.

Their coatings also turned black, but Seven didn't stop long enough to look closely at any of them.

After a few weeks, the bugs would be neutralized—chemically, with coatings, or by cloning another beastie to eat ours.

Like the crew’s armor they had four biologically very different protective coatings, each supposedly vulnerable to only a limited variety of microbes, but even a quite small nick or scratch could decreaseMalolo ’s biological protection by a quarter, or a half, or three-quarters, or completely.

The two hulls are made of different materials and have different coatings for the same reason.

The captain checked over the seeds that would provide its protective coatings and stop its own growth.

Mike guessed that the colors represented different protective coatings, and that it must make no difference in which order these were applied.

Mammiforms whose hair grew in horny protective spikes, and zills whose coatings of fluffy torg shimmered with colors never seen on their bland mainland cousins.