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The Captain, having learnt enough, did not linger in the Blue Boar, but paid his shot, and slouched off, leaving the landlord to explain to Coate that if he desired to enlist the services of a constable he must ride to Tideswella piece of intelligence which provoked him to break into a fury of objurgation, and a declaration that he would be damned if he would put himself to so much trouble only to seek out some gapeseed who, he dared swear, would be of no more use than a month-old baby.

Bappoo knew Dodd was right, and that the British road could be slowed by a campaign of harassment, but he feared to let the white coated Cobras leave the fortress.

Correspondence of Marion and Greene -- Anecdote of Colonel Snipes -- Marion takes Georgetown -- Attempt of Sumter and Marion on Col. Coates -- Battle of Quinby Bridge.

Sumter and Marion then proceeded against the post at Biggin, held by Col. Coates of the British army, a spirited officer, with a garrison of five hundred infantry, one hundred and fifty horse, and one piece of artillery.

But the position and force of Col. Coates prevented the approach of Mayham, and he waited the advance of the main body.

A dozen blue coated gunners were clustered about a six-pounder cannon, evidently the gun that would be rammed against the city gate, while just beyond them was a battery of four twelve-pounder cannon drawn by elephants and, as Sharpe and McCandless urged their horses towards Wallace, the four mahouts halted their elephants and the gunners hurried to unharness the four guns.

Sharpe had thought that the disciplined volleys must be being fired by redcoats or sepoys, but instead two companies of white jacketed soldiers were barring the way to the gate and it was those men who were firing to keep the space around the gate clear for other white coated companies who were marching in double-quick time to escape the city.

Beyond them he described people with short Coates, and Sleeves to the Elbowes, that passed that way in Shippes like ours.

Her eyelids were coated with a luminous mauve, liberally sprinkled with tinsel dust, and the exaggerated bow of her mouth was outlined in glossy lavender pink.

Like a thin coating of gloss, chocolate smeared her heart-shaped lips.

The shutters open to panes of glass coated with a year or two of salt.

She finds an olive-green that resembles the state of New York, another shard that seems to be made of the salt film that once coated the windows of the house.

Horses had died standing, trees were coated with ash, and the neighborhood known as Richmond had simply vanished.

And Jolyon would wonder what the house would look like coated with such age.

There was more chicken than Shadow could eat, and he shared the leftovers with the cat, removing the skin and crusty coating, then shredding the meat for her with his fingers.