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Coan may refer to:

  • COAN is the Argentine Naval Aviation
  • For other uses see Kos (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "coan".

Venus, a ridiculous pair of little feathered wings strapped to his back and the tiniest skirt of Coan floss silk about his waist, dyed with some cheap imitation saffron that had run a little because the room was closely shuttered and stuffily hot, leaving orange-yellow stains down the insides of his thighs that served only to draw attention to what was hidden, but barely.

Medusa the Gorgon, complete with a wig of genuine living snakelets that had the whole room screaming in terror every time he lowered his head and threatened to charge, and a flowing mass of draperies in Coan floss silk that showed the guests his biggest snake all too clearly.

Sulu twisted in his seat to follow her progress as Coan started to move away.

This three at the main table uttered simultaneous inarticulate cries while Vulcan looked to Coan for direction.

Sifting to face Coan, he hooked one foot over the chairs arm and propped his elbow atop the back.

Still grinning, Coan reached behind his chair and came up with one of his many paper constructions.

Waiting until the Federation had nodded his understanding and returned to his chair, Coan motioned that Perez-Salazar should sit as well.

Sulu dashed frantic looks in all directions, expecting Coan to appear like an avenging angel and shrivel him with a glance.

It was clear now that Perella was in fact clad alluringly we could glimpse white leather trunks and breast-band under sheer veils of Coan silk.

Henceforth pour for us only the Coan, Leucadian, and Thasian, and see that you select those amphorae whose contents are toothless with age.

Hippocrates have been long lost to the world, most of those that were written by the Coan physician and his followers have been almost miraculously preserved.

  It goze on up, neerly disappers out ov 1 ov thi big long slits, then cums 2 a stop @ thi top ov thi shaft, between thi coan & thi shaft side, bobbin like a baloon lost 2 thi seelin @ a kids party.

Coan floss silk that showed the guests his biggest snake all too clearly.

  Thers a big blak coan hangin down filin thi top ov thi shaft, & thers big long hoals like sorta upwirdly-sloapd gill slits lettin in sum lite aroun thi wols ov thi shaft oposit thi coan.