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Coala is a helicopter action game developed by Bitfusion for the Amiga. It was released in 1995 and published by Empire Software.

Gameplay mainly consists of entering a battle between two sides. The player flies a helicopter, and may choose between AH-64 Apache, the MI-35 Hind and the Mi-28 Havoc. When the player scores 100 points, a fictional ultimate helicopter called A88 Coala is unlocked.

Coala was one of the few Amiga games with a virtual cockpit mode. The game required a 68020 processor, quite advanced as far as Amiga goes.

Coala (software)

coala is a free and open-source language independent analysis toolkit, written in Python. The primary goal of coala is to make it easier for developers to create rules which a project's code should conform to. coala emphasizes on reusability and pluggability of analysis routines, and the principle of don't repeat yourself (DRY).

On 6 May it was featured on as Github Project of the Week. coala was also featured in the hackerpublicradio. On 9th May 2016, an article was published on Medium by Gitter regarding its community.