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CNI is the abbreviation for a number of organizations and companies, including:

  • Centro Nacional de Inteligencia, the Spanish secret service agency.
  • Central Nacional de Informaciones, the (last) Chilean secret service agency during Pinochet's government
  • Church of North India
  • CityNews International, A Canadian International Newscast which airs on the Citytv stations (excluding Citytv Toronto) and on Toronto's News Station CablePulse24.
  • Chickasaw Nation Industries, is a federally chartered corporation wholly owned by the Chickasaw Nation.
  • Coalition for Networked Information, an organization of libraries, universities, publishers and telecommunications firms.
  • Council for the National Interest, a political advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.
  • Colegio Nacional Iquitos, a Peruvian soccer team.
  • Corpo della Nobiltà Italiana, the Italian nobility association.
  • Communication Networks Institute, located at Dortmund University of Technology.
  • Centre national des indépendants et paysans, a French political party.
  • Corporación de Noticias e Información (News and Information Corporation), a news organization in Mexico (see XHTVM-TV)

It is also an abbreviation for:

  • Calcineurin inhibitor, a class of immunosuppressive drug.
  • Common Network Interface Ring
  • Olfactory nerve, or Cranial nerve I
  • Compiled Native Interface (previously called Cygnus Native Interface), a Java Native Interface equivalent for the GCJ compiler
  • Critical National Infrastructure, the essential systems and services which allow society to continue to function, such as electricity and water supplies.
  • Originally Certified NetWare Instructor, then subsequently (when UnixWare entered Novells product range) it became Certified Novell Instructor.
  • Certificate of No Impediment: If you are planning on marrying overseas (not in the UK), you may be required to provide the local authorities with a certificate of no impediment (CNI) as evidence that you are single and free to marry.
  • Iodine cyanide, which has the alternative chemical formula of CNI.
  • Communications, Navigation and Identification (Aerospace).

It is also used as a phonetically similar abbreviation in:

  • CNI-dog (or " seeing eye dog"), a guide dog for blind persons.