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Their uncle Donald, the Earl of Clyme, never came to London, so his niece and nephew had free rein with Wimberly House, Grosvenor Square, where they made their home.

Lord Clyme could not be a help now, since the gentleman was at least sixty and had never been wed.

Then again, the earl hardly ever permitted women in his house, which indicated to Carey that Lord Clyme knew all about the creatures.

I was brought up knowing High Clyme would be mine and every inch my responsibility.

Tulliver could contrive on short notice, the happy couple repaired to High Clyme and Carey packed Suzannah off to school in Lyme Regis.

Lord Clyme, honorable gentleman that he was, had charged Captain Delverson to inform young Wimberly about the wedding.

What a fool the Earl of Clyme had been, denying himself the pleasure of knowing this vibrant creature.

Gabriel to find a wife, and a rich one at that, now that he could not count on the Clyme inheritance.

Aunt Emonda wrote again, inviting Gabriel and Rowanne to High Clyme for the warm months.

Lord Clyme says the boy is no scholar and you should have encouraged his father to buy his colors instead.

Carey wished someone cared that much for him, then he worried she was fretting the old gentleman to an early death, but Clyme had wanted a comfort in his waning years and he had it.

My best friend Angela said her mother would sponsor me, if Lord Clyme is not well enough to travel to London.

Rowanne began to have pity on Lady Clyme, being nursemaid to a cantankerous old man.

They were used to doing for Lord Clyme, she announced, making Carey feel like an ancient.

Gabriel Wimberly will be coming to take over High Clyme, and you cannot wish to live with a stranger as his dependent.