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Clutha (dance)

Clutha is a Scottish country dance, in which the eight dancers are arranged in a square set as for the Eightsome Reel . It is a 48 bar reel. An Clutha (more often spelt An Cluadha) is the Gaelic name for The Clyde. It is one of the modern Scottish country dances and was first published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in 1983.

Clutha (New Zealand electorate)

Clutha was a New Zealand parliamentary electorate from 1866 to 1996.


Clutha may refer to:

  • The name of the River Clyde in Latin , from Cumbric (as in Ystrad Clut)
  • Clutha ferry passenger steamers on the River Clyde in Glasgow from 1884 to 1903
  • Clutha (dance), a Scottish country dance
  • The Clutha, a traditional Scottish band
  • Clutha River in New Zealand, named after the Clyde
  • Clutha District, New Zealand
  • Clutha County, New Zealand
  • Balclutha, New Zealand, often abbreviated to Clutha
  • Inch Clutha, an island sitting in the delta of the Clutha River
  • The Clutha Vaults, a pub in Glasgow, Scotland, the site of a helicopter crash in 2013