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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a pair of clunky old boots
▪ Adding to the problem is the clunky interface.
▪ On their own bikes, wearing their unique outfits, contestants will haul clunky parcels between checkpoints.
▪ The first models after the war were clunky, retooled versions from 1942.
▪ There were sports cars and clunky family sedans.
▪ With a gawky, clunky gait Magic lurches slowly across the yard.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"blocky, ungraceful," by 1968 (when it was the name of a style of women's shoe), from clunk + -y (2). Related: Clunkily; clunkiness.


a. (context informal English) ungainly; awkward; inelegant; cumbersome.


adj. lacking grace in movement or posture; "a gawky lad with long ungainly legs"; "clumsy fingers"; "what an ungainly creature a giraffe is"; "heaved his unwieldy figure out of his chair" [syn: gawky, clumsy, ungainly, unwieldy]

Usage examples of "clunky".

I, and that darling little Clunky, will shuttle up to the ShowBiz, Inc.

Victorian-style furniture and, on a low pedestal, a neomarble statue of Clunky up on his hind legs with one paw to his brow and apparently looking far off.

When Clunky winked, his metallic eyelid produced a loud clicking sound.

Anne dropped her heavy glass to shatter on the marble hearth and ran from the room, the sounds of her clunky boots thudding on the stairs gradually fading to silence.

She can see all of his face, and he looks younger than last time: he must have stopped using those clunky old glasses.

The ship started out as an Iranian knock-off of a Shenzhou-B capsule, with a Chinese-type 921 space-station module tacked onto its tail: but the clunky, nineteen-sixties lookalike a glittering aluminum dragonfly mating with a Coke can has a weirdly contoured M2P2 pod strapped to its nose.

Deep in its guts it creates coherent atom beams, from a bunch of Bose-Einstein condensates hovering on the edge of absolute zero: by superimposing interference patterns on them, it generates an atomic hologram, building a perfect replica of some original artifact, right down to the atomic level there are no clunky moving nanotechnology parts to break or overheat or mutate.

Turning from the mirror she took several steps, trying out the clunky boots.

We printed out the clunky pictures, and used colored pencils to embellish the hard copy, hoping to see something stunning.

Whether he was analyzing the latest digital microchips or the clunky circuits found in old televisions, he found that all the components were just a few electrical steps from one another, yet they were much more clustered than they would have been in an equivalent random circuit, thanks to the modular design favored by engineering practice.

It is all so fast yet his brain has time to process a number of sensations - the touch of her velvet humming in his fingertips, the scolding bump her hip gave him, his indignation at her clunky shoes and the people who stripped the staircase of its banister, all precisely layered in his mind.

Repeatedly looking back over his shoulder, Simna ibn Sind tried to cajole more speed out of the solid but clunky windwagon.

The Discovery leaked black diesel smoke from its rusty anus and the inappropriate pale blue clunky interior designed by Sir Terence Conran was filthy and falling to bits, but Cicely felt it would do the job.

She liked cheap jewelry, too, of the plastic, clunky variety, the weight of a dozen toy chains around her neck, arms rattling in bracelets from wrist to elbow.

The truck used to haul the horses and hounds, an F350 Dually, could pull a house off its foundation, but those Dually wheels proved clunky for everyday use.