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Crossword clues for clued


vb. (en-past of: clue)

Usage examples of "clued".

Again, this should have clued me to the fact that I was dreaming, but it did not.

I am, I could see his water line, when he clued his topsails up, shutting in Sepet.

Other actors were disapproving if you were too clued up on foreign affairs or the stock market, if you ostentatiously read the Economist or Frankfurter Allgemeine at rehearsals.

It wasn't what Ty said but the things he didn't say, and the flatness in his voice and eyes, and the lack of any reference to Tara, that clued Chase in to the reason Ty had arrived unannounced.

Her first mission had been the one to Raccoon Forest that had wiped out over half the team and clued the rest of them in to Umbrella's secret.

Although she wasn't happy that her daughter was the world's chosen exterminator of the undead, being clued into the Slayer routine and jargon gave her a sense of belonging that helped her cope.

She cast anchor, clued up sails, and on the deck was Captain Gaumard giving orders, and good old Penelon making signals to M.

So we collected our Olympic gold medals, the high dive and the trampoline dance, the 300-kilo press and the fancy figure skating, the pole vault and the 400-metre hurdles, and by imperceptible nudgings and murmurings we clued each other closer to the ultimate moment, and then we were there, and for an unending interval we were dissolved into the fount of creation, and then the unending interval ended and we fell away from each other, sweaty and sticky and exhausted.