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n. 1 (label en computing) (initialism of Common Language Runtime English) 2 (label en electronics) (non-gloss definition: Initialism of) '''Current Limiting Resistor'''. 3 (label en electronics) (contraction of clear English)


CLR may refer to:

  • Calcium Lime Rust, a household cleaning-product
  • California Law Review, a publication by the UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Central London Railway, an underground railway line in London - now the central part of the London Underground's Central line
  • Circuit layout record
  • The Circle of Liberal Reformers, a political party in Gabon
  • Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport, an airport in Calipatria, California
  • Combat Logistics Regiment, a type of United States Marine Corps regiment
  • Command, Leadership, Resource management, another acronym for Cockpit Resource Management
  • Common Language Runtime, the virtual-machine component of Microsoft .NET
  • Commonwealth Law Reports, reports of decisions of the High Court of Australia
  • Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Radiodiffusion, a Luxembourg-based radio-broadcaster - part of RTL Group
  • Compensation Log Record, a type of database log record
  • Council on Library Resources, USA
  • CLR (formerly Computer Language Research), a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting
  • A nickname for Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest
  • Mercedes-Benz CLR, a racing-car
  • Clear instruction in some computer programming assembly languages