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Clowes is a surname, and may refer to:

Usage examples of "clowes".

And the search for the weak spot was even further narrowed down by the general verdict that Clowes, on the left wing, had played well.

The mantelpiece was still empty, but, as Clowes pointed out, it now merely looked as if Trevor had been pawning some of his household gods.

He found Trevor and Clowes in the former's den, trying to put a few finishing touches to the same.

Besides Trevor they had Clowes, and had had bad luck in not having Paget.

But neither Trevor nor Clowes was inclined to draw any augury from this.

The enthusiast standing by Clowes expended the last relics of his voice in commemorating the fact that his side had the lead.

However, he yielded in so far that he went to Clowes to ask his opinion.

One of those cards was tied to a chair, but Clowes took it away before anybody saw it.

Then, when five minutes more of play remained, Trevor gave Clowes an easy opening, and Clowes sprinted between the posts.

He was past the Donaldson's three-quarters in an instant, and running for the line, with only the back to pass, and with Clowes in hot pursuit.

Another wriggle took him past the back, but it also gave Clowes time to catch him up.

They came down together with a crash, Clowes on top, and as they fell the whistle blew.

Barry certainly did not look as if he had been cheered up when Clowes left the study and went over to tell Trevor that he would have to find a substitute for his right wing three-quarter against Ripton.

As Clowes had pointed out, the man with the most obvious motive for not wishing Barry to play for the school was Rand-Brown.

The essay subject this week had been “One man's meat is another man's poison", and Clowes, whose idea of English Essay was that it should be a medium for intempestive frivolity, had insisted on his beginning with, “While I cannot conscientiously go so far as to say that one man's meat is another man's poison, yet I am certainly of opinion that what is highly beneficial to one man may, on the other hand, to another man, differently constituted, be extremely deleterious, and, indeed, absolutely fatal.