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clothing store

n. a store where men's clothes are sold [syn: haberdashery, haberdashery store, mens store]

Usage examples of "clothing store".

Her car was parked up the street, a block away, and it was raining hard enough now that she made a disgusted noise at herself for not driving from the clothing store to Hearst's.

It was his own belt she wore -- the one he had picked up in the clothing store rotted away in his hands while he was buckling it around her.

The next morning he intended to find a second-hand clothing store and buy more suitable clothing.

The airline ticket counter person, the clothing store personnel, the barber, the hotel clerk, all had been mind fogged into assisting the operation, and the Fluiquosm who had managed the trip remembered the whole process as having been great fun.

She is standing in front of Georges, the vintage clothing store, looking at a display of baby clothes.