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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1897, echoic of the sound of boots or hoofs on the ground. Related: Clopped; clopping.


n. (context onomatopoeia English) The sound of a horse's shod hoof striking the ground. vb. To make this sound.

  1. v. make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground [syn: clump, clunk, plunk]

  2. [also: clopping, clopped]


Clop or Clops may refer to:

  • An onomatopoeia for the sound of a horse's footsteps
  • Clop (hat), a traditional hat in Maramureş, Romania

Usage examples of "clop".

Roland could hear his bootheels clopping on the sidewalk, however, and could see the shadows they were casting in the light of the display windows.

Brogan Wilmington can recover his balance, the beautiful picks up what is left of her lobster Newburg, plate and all, and clops Brogan on the pimple with it and knocks him plumb out onto the dance floor where many parties, male and female, are doing the rumba with great zest.

The floodplain he crossed was walled about with fallen traprock and in the twilight the little desert foxes had come out to sit along the walls silent and regal as icons watching the night come and the doves called from the acacia and then night fell dark as Egypt and there was just the stillness and the silence and the sound of the horses breathing and the sound of their hooves clopping in the dark.

The Blood in the Red White and Blue unfurled before them, going up in flames for the stark parade of names sprung from briefs, dockets, decrees, each more hateful than the last till finally the smoke cleared, the music died and now the room echoed with the clop clop of a horse and carriage seen approaching up a drive adroop with Spanish moss from the pillared veranda of an antebellum mansion by an imposing liveried black there he is!

Hoofs clop on the hard granite of the road as Lorn and the half score of lancers with him ride toward the compound, an oblong of light compared to the towering darkness of the Accursed Forest just to the south.

The low clopping of hoofs and the breathing of lancer mounts are the only sound beside the sighing of the breeze that is slowly changing into a cold wind.

Muted sounds that Lorn cannot make out exactly drift across the comparatively low ward-wall, barely audible above the clopping of his mount's hoofs on the white granite stone of the road.

The shortest route to the Well was over the Straight of Sagath to Agon, just three hexes away via the water route, then north through Lilblod, through Mixtim or Clopta, and across Quilst to the Avenue.

I shook my head, not willing to pursue the point, and she clopped away in her high-heeled boots through some swinging doors.

Ahead, the road curved and bent, twisting gently through fields and past villages, as the horses clopped through the dark, the rhythm of their hooves always in awkward syncopation.

His hooves clopped like splitting mauls when they struck on stumps or unburnt timber.

The teeth were like a seawolf's and the very length of the gape meant it clopped shut like the door of a fortress slamming.

Garric jumped back and slashed at the ridged yellow throat scales as the serpent jaws clopped shut on the air where he'd stood a moment before.

In fact, it was so large that there was an odd, extended impression as the carriage clopped and rocked towards it that we were getting no closer.

The three adventurers joined the dusty path alongside it for a while then clopped over a raised stone bridge.