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n. a group of genetically identical cells or organisms derived from a single cell or individual by some kind of asexual reproduction [syn: clone]

For the Spanish-language telenovela, see El Clon. For the Irish town often referred to as Clon, see Clonakilty.

Clon is a South Korean dance music duo. Some of their songs, such as "Funky Tonight", "Cho Ryun" (First Love) and "Come To Me" appear in Pump It Up, ez2Dancer and Korean versions of Dance Maniax.

Usage examples of "clon".

George Annas, a professor of health law at Boston University and one of the few bioethicists who has called for a ban on human reproductive cloning.

Not a way of life, machine-assisted cloning is the biosocial counterpart of a hobby.

The cloned stem cells in therapeutic cloning are harvested from the blastocyst stage well before any embryo forms.

By supporting the Brownback bill, which would not only ban therapeutic cloning but criminalize it, many disease advocates, myself included, felt that Senator Frist was making the wrong decision both as a doctor and as a senator.

Clearly, Mihelich was one of ten researchers who understood human cloning well enough to produce a viable luren or orl fetus.

The Neotenic Infantry: genetically engineered, cloned, psychologically programmed killing machines, packaged to look like children.

Are you going to tell me an overdeveloped sense of theater came along with the cloned body, too?

But ever since Jerry Hall and Sandra Yee had shown in 1991 that a synthetic zona pellucida could be coated onto egg cells, human cloning had been theoretically possible.

I covered Medical so Squilyp could attend, and got back to work on our hypercellular experiment, prepping the cloned Jorenian liver for testing.

The Relatives have shown zero interest in cloning or fiber optics or dating dinosaur bones.

Carmel, medical student, for his superb and indefatigable research in cloning, DNA, telomere work, autopsies and aging.

Apparently, the Upsala excelled at anything they tried, starting from scratch with each cloned lifetime.

Officially, the use of cloned human tissues for transplanting was only allowed to the highest of the high, those with breeding and position and a not too small fortune.

Dolly will go down in history as the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell.

The cloned boy had discovered those side powers and tested them as Minor had, but because Minc was so closely observed, he had been caught at it before he put them aside of his own accord as too dangerous and unethical for use.