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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Clomp \Clomp\, n. See Clamp.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to walk as with clogs," 1829, probably a variant of clump (v.). Related: Clomped; clomping.


n. the sound of feet hitting the ground loudly vb. 1 (label en rare) to walk with wooden shoes. 2 (context intransitive English) to move, making loud noises with one's feet


v. walk clumsily [syn: clump]

Usage examples of "clomp".

He was distracted from the question by the sound of Cuvier returning, boot heels clomping on the wooden pier.

The dozen Melungeons clomped along stolidly with the luggage while Royston called cadence.

Leah Brahms was clomping down a slippery metal staircase, plunging into the bowels of the dank planet.

Inspector Hamnes shouted as Ramadan clomped back into the command center.

Tuit reseated his headpiece, gestured at his navigator, and then clomped off the bridge.

He clomped off toward the front of the house, swinging his boots in that heavy way that Simon always tried to copy.

Music played in the little room under the stairs and footsteps clomped through the attic.

She clomped across the room and picked up a pile of clothing, then headed for the bathroom.

He clomped his great jaws with sickening crunch and spat out her head at the master enemy.

Klingon clomped across the saucerlike hull of the freshly minted vessel, looking for the gangway hatch.

Looming black against the bright sunlight from the arena, two gladiators clomped under the arch and down the corridor to the dressing rooms.

There were no cars, no streetcars, no people clomping to work, not even any birds.

Alacrity left the trail while praying he wouldn't fall or lose the queen, and Treeneck clomped along recklessly in the clumsy boots.

She shut up as a dwarven woman, the same who'd led them here, clomped through the doorway.

Through the exterior pickup, she could hear the invaders clomping noisily out of the lift, and in her helmet radio she could hear the marine commander even more noisily cursing the boneheaded son of a Ryxi egglayer who left the lift down and unlocked.