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n. (plural of cling English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cling)

Usage examples of "clings".

A devotional recitation of Do and Vinaya, prayers cloistered century after century in the soot, fingered on wooden boards by wrinkled flesh, the flesh of alliteration that clings to these words of the Guatama.

He is aware of her laboured breathing as she clings to the edge of the bed to lever herself up.

He clings desperately to the rough wood, wanting to be on the ground again, but knowing that he must not move quickly.

He clings tightly to the treads, letting the weight of his body rest against them to prevent himself from falling.

He puts his arms around her and clings to her, closing his eyes to blot out the other people.

Slowing beside an abandoned cemetery where trees and shrubs grow densely and bindweed clings to the rusty railings.

She clings to the man beside her so that she cannot slide into the water and he holds her in return, caressing her beautiful body.

A job which was supposed to be temporary has stretched from months into years as he clings to the chimera of being an artist.

My tongue slaps the flat pan of that mud, and water clings to my throat.