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Clere is a surname.

It may refer to:

  • Alice Clere
  • Edward Clere
  • Edward Clere (MP), MP for Grampound
  • Thomas Clere, courtier and poet at the court of Henry VIII

Usage examples of "clere".

But it was scornefull Braggadocchio,That with his seruant Trompart houerd there,Sith late he fled from his too earnest foe:Whom such when as Malbecco spyed clere,He turned backe, and would haue fled arere.

After receiving the early-morning summons, Leto met his legal team in the corridor outside his cell: two brilliant Elaccan lawyers, Clere Ruitt and Bruda Viol -- women renowned for their criminal-defense work.

Both Bruda Viol and Clere Ruitt looked at him as if he had uttered the most ridiculous comment imaginable.