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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Clem \Clem\ (kl[e^]m), v. t. & i. [Cf. clam to clog, or G. klemmen to pinch, Icel. kl["o]mbra, E. clamp.] To starve; to famish. [Obs.]
--B. Jonson.


n. 1 A diminutive of the male given name Clement. 2 A diminutive of the female given name Clementine.


Clem may refer to:

  • Clem (name)
Clem (horse)

Clem (foaled 1954 in Kentucky) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. Bred by MGM Studios boss, Louis B. Mayer, he was purchased and raced by Adele Rand.

Trained by Bill Stephens, younger brother to trainer Woody Stephens, Clem won several prestigious races on dirt and on turf during his four years in racing. In a space of less than two weeks in 1958, he set two track records while beating two horses ranked near the top in American racing history. Clem established his first new track record on September 1, 1958 in the Washington Park Handicap, a one mile race on turf at Arlington Park in Chicago in which he defeated future U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee, Round Table. Clem was then shipped all the way to the East Coast of the United States to the Atlantic City Race Course where on September 13 he set another new track record for a mile and three sixteenths on turf in winning the United Nations Handicap while again defeating Round Table. Clem then beat Round Table for the third time in a row on September 27 in the Woodward Stakes.

Clem (name)

Clem is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Clem Beauchamp (1892–1992), American film actor
  • Clem Bevans (1879–1963), character actor
  • Clem Bezold (21st century), American futurologist
  • Clem Burke (born 1955), American rock drummer
  • Clem Campbell (born 1948), Australian politician
  • Clem Cattini (born 1937), English drummer
  • Clem Christesen (1911–2003), Australian literary critic
  • Clem Clemens (1886–1967), catcher in Major League Baseball
  • Clem Clempson (born 1949), English rock guitarist
  • Clem Coetzee (circa 1939-2006), Zimbabwean conservationist
  • Clem Crowe (1904–1983), American basketball coach
  • Clem Curtis (born 1940), English singer
  • Clem Daniels (born 1937), American college and professional football player
  • Clem Dreisewerd (1916–2001), pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Clem Haskins (born 1943), American basketball player
  • Clem Hausmann (1919–1972), pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Clem Hill (1877–1945), Australian cricketer
  • Clem Jones (1918–2007), Australian politician
  • Clem Kennedy (21st century), Australian former rugby league player
  • Clem L. Shaver (20th century), American politician
  • Clem Labine (1926–2007), American right-handed relief pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Clem Loughlin (1894–1977), Canadian hockey player
  • Clem McCarthy (1882–1962), American sportscaster and public address announcer
  • Clem McSpadden (born 1925), American politician
  • Clem Michael (born 1976), former Australian rules footballer
  • Clem Schouwenaars (1932–1993), Belgian writer
  • Clem S. Clarke (1897-1967), American oilman and politician
  • Clem Seecharan (21st century), Guyanese writer
  • Clem Simich (born 1939), New Zealand politician
  • Clem Sohn (20th century), American entertainer
  • Clem Stephenson (1890–1961), English footballer
  • Clem Stralka (1913–1994), American football offensive lineman
  • Clem Tholet (1948–2004), Rhodesian folk singer
  • Clem Thomas (20th century), Welsh rugby union footballer
  • Clem Tisdell (born 1939), Australian economist
  • Clem Wilson (1875–1944), English cricketer


  • Brian Clem (born 1972), American politician
  • George I. Clem, American politician
  • John Clem (1851–1937), United States Army general
  • Mitch Clem (born 1982), American cartoonist

Usage examples of "clem".

Clem gaffed it, pulled it close, grabbed ahold of the pot-warp with both hands, gave a good yank, and fell over backward.

Apparently, fate had never made a wilder, more purposeless cast than when it brought Clem to Little Arcady with Potts.

Within ten minutes, and before Miss Caroline had finished telling how altogether beautiful she found Arcady of the Little Country, Clem returned, bearing breast-high a napkin-covered tray, from which towered twin pillars of glass, topped with fragrant leafage and pierced each by a yellow straw.

El Camino, and she asked him to wait while she went into the churchyard and spent some time with Clem.

The crows showed Tom a tiny spring among a jumbled heap of stone nearby and Momie and Manda gathered dry, dead oak twigs for a cheery evening fire where Clem prepared their meal.

Retruance, who, with Momie and Clem, had listened in interested silence to the discussion.

I would think Momie would be a happy helpmeet in anything you decided to do, Clem, farm or furs.

Linda also showed us the sandpile near the fence where she believed Clem had disposed of the gun, but though we got out shovels and dug up the area, we were unable to locate the weapon.

Only a scrimshander worth his salt could craft something so meticulous, Clem knew.

Clem and Bob triggered their flintlocks, billowing clouds of smoke masking the men, but two coldhearts flew backward as the .

Clem and Jody, two oldtime vaudeville hoofers, cope out as Russian agents whose sole function is to represent the U.

In the span of a month, Clem collected nine such lobsters, nearly enough to fulfill his obligations.

No pleasantries or amenities were offered to Clem, as he might have expected from a professional establishment, but the ways of normal businessmen were not the ways of Mordecai Malbon.

CHAPTER XVII CLEM MAKES A DISCLOSURE When Miss Peckover suggested to her affianced that their wedding might as well take place at the registry-office, seeing that there would then be no need to go to expense in the article of costume, Mr.

In agreement, Clem worked the bolt on his Enfield, chambering a cartridge.