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Usage examples of "cleef".

Rory Mallap van Cleef sighed again and began pulling on a gold dressing gown.

Rory Mallap van Cleef stood quietly by the foot of the bed in silk loincloth and beads.

I gather they rank almost as high as Cartier and Van Cleef and Boucheron nowadays.

Van Cleef had always given her unmarked, plain manila envelopes to slip her purchases into.

Jackets were replaced with tailcoats, as Harry had seen enough performances by someone called Lee Van Cleef to appreciate the practicality of the style for a man who wanted to wear a gun-belt.

Look outlike a Van Cleef array of priceless gems, the cityscape is spread along the far waters, its lights beginning to merge with the dusk.

Inside lay a further envelope and, paperclipped to it, a single sheet of paper upon which was written, 'To be delivered at once to the Senior Partner, Hillyard, Cleef, at 6, Athelsgate, E.

There had been a scene in which Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef had taken turns shooting each other's hats off and grinding each other's toes into the ground with the heels of their boots.

Hillyard, Cleef benefited because its gold reserve was always there to maintain confidence.

With the gold price that day at $ 350 per troy ounce (give or take a cent or two) Hillyard, Cleef s one hundred million was represented by something a little short of fifteen hundred 'good delivery' bars, each bar being of four hundred troy ounces.