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Usage examples of "cleed".

As Guffy completed his blatant lecture, Cleed finished another cigarette.

Luke, Cleed, Princess Marxia, Baby Liz - all were portrayed in mammoth exaggeration upon the gaudy, painted sheets of canvas.

LUKE and Marxia, with Cleed - otherwise Croaker - were waiting somewhere in the darkness.

He was talking to Cleed and the answers from the pasty-faced man were nothing more than weary signs with his head.

Zoda was looking from his platform when Cap Guffy conducted Cleed toward the front of the tent.

While Guffy remained alone in the silence of the tent, Cleed followed the other freaks.

INSIDE the little tent, Cleed was talking in the growl that characterized Croaker Zinn.

Off beyond one of the Ten-in-One trucks, Cleed - otherwise Croaker Zinn - was saying the same words to Luke, the tattooed man.

A glower was showing on the pasty face of the so-called Cleed as Croaker studied a list that Luke had handed him.

In the languid fashion of Cleed, Croaker Zinn arose to follow the owner of the Ten-in-One.

Losing temporary sight of Cleed, Jubo made a stooping sprint to another truck.