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CLE may refer to:

  • Current-limiting element, a fuse designed to limit current in power systems
  • Central Landing Establishment
  • Chemical Langevin equation, a stochastic ordinary differential equation
  • The stock symbol for Claire's, a retailer of accessories and jewelry to girls and young women
  • Cleveland, Ohio
    • IATA airport code for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
    • The Cleveland Weather Forecast Office of the U.S. National Weather Service
    • The Cleveland Indians, Browns, or Cavaliers
  • Continuing legal education, the professional education of lawyers that takes place after their initial admission to the bar
  • Continuous lumbar epidural infusion, a common type of epidural anesthesia
  • Leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter
  • Chu–Liu–Edmonds algorithm, an algorithm for finding optimal branchings in graph theory
  • Conformal loop ensemble, a conformally invariant collection of fractal loops which models interfaces in two-dimensional statistical physics

Usage examples of "cle".

That evening, when the ill-matched party of four met for supper at the Cle Argente, the comfortable inn near the cathedral where they had been lodging, Buckthorn and Silverwood proposed an evening of cards and music at the house of the tirelessly hospitable Monsieur Bouvin, whose acquaintance they had recently made.

The crossword from which took the most pleasure, though, was the one that cled the life and times of Leah and Garrick.

The first-class lounge at Heathrow provided Internet access in nice little cubi- cles providing some privacy, but Castillo decided against sending his boss an e-mail announcing where he was and where he was going.

SHALL-GHFLY molled by e elaon, Cassie le her blouse to so some cle THE BEST WAY TO LOSE 197 rinse water and poured herself a cup of coffee to join Pilar at the table.

The Parapsychic teams were volubly and embarrassingly thanked for preventing a major disaster, and by cocktail time everyone was pleased by the denouement, especially Patsy Tucker and Terry Cle.

Mexican Spanish with an accent indistinguishable from that of the man, and at least Cleta and Dionie could speak easily in the new language.

He fumbled, dripping, for a towel Cleta had taken, turned and saw her standing there, as remote as if she were on another planet.

Reidel brushed Cleta aside and lifted the sobbing child into his arms.

Reidel saw Cleta in the door of the plane, and his excitement caught fire.

And by that time it would be only an adventure story and Cleta, only a memory.

The crossword from which took the most pleasure, though, was the one that cled the life and times of Leah and Garrick.

Cleta tried to disentangle herself from the strangling clutch of the thin arms, but Linnit gripped at her in frenzied terror, and Cleta could not get away without hurting her.

Near the fire, Cleta, sitting on the edge of the blanket, was coaxing the reluctant Linnit to swallow a few mouthfuls.

He wondered if either Cleta or Dionie had the least notion what to do for Linnit.

On the other side of the fire Reidel covered Linnit and smoothed down her hairthe sort of absent-minded, habitual gesture that he would give any suffering small thingand looked across at Cleta, smiling.