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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Claytonia \Clay*to"ni*a\, prop. n. [Named after Dr. John Clayton, an American botanist.] (Bot.) An American genus of perennial herbs with delicate blossoms; -- sometimes called spring beauty.


n. Any plant in the taxonomic genus ''Claytonia''.


Claytonia (spring beauty) is a genus of 26 species of flowering plants formerly included in Portulacaceae but now classified in the family Montiaceae, primarily native to North America, with a few species extending south to Guatemala in Central America, and northwest to northeastern Asia.

A number of the species were formerly treated in the related genus Montia.

Claytonia perfoliata, the species for which the term miner's lettuce was coined, is distributed throughout the Mountain West of North America in moist soils and prefers areas which have been recently disturbed. The species got its name due to its use as a fresh salad green by miners in the 1849 Gold Rush in California.

Usage examples of "claytonia".

Anthony Minne-wa'wa, a pleasant sound, as of the wind in the trees Mishe-Mo'kwa, the Great Bear Mishe-Nah'ma, the Great Sturgeon Miskodeed', the Spring-Beauty, the Claytonia Virginica Monda'min, Indian corn Moon of Bright Nights, April Moon of Leaves, May Moon of Strawberries, June Moon of the Falling Leaves, September Moon of Snow-shoes, November Mudjekee'wis, the West-Wind.