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n. (plural of claw English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: claw)

CLAWS (linguistics)

In Natural Language Processing, CLAWS is a program that performs Part-of-speech tagging.

Usage examples of "claws".

He managed to close the distance to three leaps, gulping air in deep pants, and then his quarry dodged sideways and the distance widened as his claws dug into the dirt to make the turn.

The door slid open and a kzin stood there, all fangs and claws, pupils contracted to narrow slits.

Meerz-Rrit slashed the air with his claws, and Brasseur prayed he would not choose to scream and leap.

Its forelimbs were powerful with dagger-curved claws, and now that it was wounded Pouncer could smell the tangy metallic pungency of its blood.

In desperation he kicked his legs up to its belly, claws seeking flesh but unable to strike home.

He half rolled, feeling its claws rip from his shoulders, and kicked upward, his own claws finding its belly this time and sinking in.

Patriarch keeps his claws sharp by keeping them sheathed till he needs them.

Raarrgh-Captain cut the connection, his own claws extending and retracting of their own accord.

He bounded the last length toward it, twisting in midair, touching down with hind claws extended to brake.

All of his warriors knew he would follow the command with his claws if he had to.

He leapt for the doorway, tail streaming behind him for balance, hind claws reaching forward to carry him into a roll as he landed, clearing the way for the rest of Fore-Blade, half a leap behind him.

Medical Officer stood and Kchula-Tzaatz screamed and raked his claws across his face, sending him reeling.

His claws skidded off ceramic armor, and he reached for the vulnerable throat with his fangs, thirsting for the kill.

The scrabble of claws on brick echoed down the tunnel toward them, warning that the Tzaatz behind them were still actively hunting them.

Inside Pouncer raked the air with his claws in frustration and turned to Tskombe.