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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Clavis \Cla"vis\, n.; pl. L. Claves, E. Clavises. [L.] A key; a glossary. [1913 Webster] ||


n. 1 (context archaeology English) A Roman key. 2 A device for restraint of the hands. 3 A glossary. 4 (context biology English) A key; an identification guide; a series of logically organized groups of discriminating information which aims to allow the user to correctly identify a taxon.


Clavis may refer to:

  • Clavis or Glossary, an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms
  • Clavis aurea, or "golden key"
  • Clavis Salomonis or Key of Solomon, a book attributed to King Solomon
  • O Clavis, or O Clavis David, a Magnificat antiphon for December 20
  • Clavis Patrum Graecorum, a series of volumes which aims to contain a list of all the Fathers of the Church who wrote in Greek from the 1st to the 8th centuries

Usage examples of "clavis".

Father Caspar describes it as a “Sphynx Mystagoga, an Oedipus Aegyp-tiacus, a Monad leroglyphica, a Clavis Convenientia Lin-guarum, a Theatrum Cosmographicum Historicum, a Sylva Sylvarum of every alphabet natural and artificial, an Archi-tectura Curiosa Nova, a Combinatory Lamp, Mensa Isiaca, Metametricon, Synopsis Anthropoglottogonica, Basilica Cryp-tographica, an Amphitheatrum Sapientiae, Cryptomenesis Patefacta, Catoptron Polygraphicum, a Gazophylacium Ver-borum, a Mysterium Artis Steganographicae, Area Arithmo-logica, Archetypon Polyglotta, an Eisagoge Horapollinea, Congestorium Artificiosae Memoriae, Pantometron de Furtivis Literarum Notis, Mercurius Redivivus, and an Etymologicon Lustgartlein!

All the other thetes, coarcted into the tacky little claves belonging to their synthetic phyles, turning up their own mediatrons to drown out the Senderos, setting off firecrackers or guns he could never tell them apart and a few internal-combustion hobbyists starting up their primitive full-lane vehicles, the louder the better.

But that part of Missouri had been `local option' - some towns had never had any claves and now permitted no coloured people.