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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Clart \Clart\, v. t. [Cf. Armor. kalar mud, mire, kalara to dirt, Sw. lort mud.] To daub, smear, or spread, as with mud, etc. [Prov. Eng.]


n. 1 A daub. 2 (context now Scotland northern England English) Sticky mud, mire or filth. 3 (context Geordie pejorative English) A person who is unclean. 4 (context Geordie pejorative English) A fool. vb. (context transitive now Scotland northern England English) To daub, smear, or spread, especially with mud, etc.; to dirty.

Usage examples of "clart".

A section of Clart riders, still shrilling, broke from the melee in front of the gates and rode at the cavalry.

After the first shock, unless things change, Clarts hit cavalry first, then sweep up and harry stragglers.

A squad of Clarts came boiling out of the inner court, their horses striking sparks off the stone paving.

The Clarts had overridden some of the tents, but most were still standing.

Though heavily outnumbered, they had held the enemy close under the tower walls, where the Andressat archery could do its worst, until the rest of the Clarts and the Phelani arrived in force.

The Clarts had ridden afar ahead, to scout the tower beyond, and returned with the news that it too was held by an enemy force.

At the edge of that village, the Clarts were holding a prisoner, a man who had tried to escape west on horseback.

Paks found a body the Clarts had missed: a young girl or woman who had been trapped in a burning sheepfold.

The Clarts slowed, looking first at the column and then at their own flanks.

Now the Clarts had found the enemy, and spun to face them, lances lowered.

Paks thought they looked more like figures from a song than real fighters, but she had heard of Clart Company.

Behind her, the Clart riders began their shrill battle cry, and the road erupted in a thunder of hooves.

The riders pulled their baggy tunics over their heads, and Clart Cavalry rose and white glowed in the slanting sun.

They came to a shallow stony ford just as the Clart scouts discovered an enemy party guarding it, but the skirmish ended quickly.

I want the Clarts ready to split into two columns, just as we did before.