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n. (plural of clan English)

Clans (board game)

Clans is a German-style board game designed by Leo Colovini. The game centers on the creation of villages.

Clans (video game)

Clans (known as Satanica in Germany) is a 1999 Action role-playing game developed by ComputerHouse GBG AB. The game is similar in both gameplay and visuals to Diablo series, but also includes some elements from point-and-click adventure games.

Usage examples of "clans".

She was such a good medicine woman, people came from other clans to see her.

The young man had since learned the cripple was not only the most skilled mog-ur of all the clans, but that he had a kind and gentle heart beneath his austere visage.

Formalized movements, the ancient unspoken language used to communicate with spirits and with other clans whose few guttural words and common hand signals were different, were all that followed.

Reverence for the Cave Bear was the common factor that united them, the force that welded all the separate autonomous clans into one people, the Clan of the Cave Bear.

There was a time when the young of many clans joined together to make new clans.

No man in his clan had a Cave Lion totem, not many men in all the clans did.

People from other clans had sometimes come to her, bringing their sick if possible or taking back medicine.

But Brun had cause to reflect often lately on the impression it would make on the other clans to arrive at the meeting with a woman born to the Others.

Last time one of the clans that moved to a cave farther east was thinking of going to a Clan Gathering south of the mountains.

It was through his Spirit that all the clans were united into one and meaning was given to the Gathering they had traveled so far to attend.

Most clans claim their cave bears even learn to talk a little, but I was young the time we hosted the Clan Gathering.

But clans seldom miss the opportunity to host the Clan Gathering, though hunters may have to travel a long way to find a cave bear cub, and the danger from the mother bear is very great.

It had been a labor of devotion and reverence for the small clan to maintain the huge bear for so long, and even the many gifts of food, implements, and furs brought by the visiting clans could not make up for the effort it took.

There was more than enough room to house all the visiting clans, though they might not have the advantage of light from the mouth.

Though several clans were already settled farther back, the place would have been held for them until the beginning of the actual Bear Festival.