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CLACL, representing CLAC-Language (where CLAC stands for Logical Composition with the Assistance of Computers) is the result of ongoing theoretical research which aims to provide a formal description of the logical choices relating to the definition of organizational processes of composition.

The logic of CLACL is based on 'spatial-relational' information rather than on the processing of numerical information. It generates a logical configuration and, with a tool called Plasma, shapes the created domain in a physical form such as music or graphics.

CLACL is a computing language that integrates into a production environment to provide several tools to facilitate writing code and representing it graphically.

The first version (00.02.00) of the language was made available to the Internet in 2000 at the project site. The version 00.06.00 was distributed at the 2009 Festival of Mathematics held in Rome, during which the project CLAC was presented.