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CKY (band)

CKY is an American heavy metal band from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Formed in 1998 by vocalist and guitarist Deron Miller, guitarist Chad I Ginsburg and drummer Jess Margera, the group currently features Ginsburg, Margera and bassist Matt Deis, who have also performed with frontman Daniel Davies twice since Miller's departure in 2011. Closely linked to the CKY Crew, featuring Margera's brother Bam, the band found initial recognition through its musical contributions to the CKY video series and the TV series Jackass.

Originally known by the full name Camp Kill Yourself, and later briefly credited as simply Camp, the band released its debut studio album Volume 1 in 1999, which was largely made up of material recorded for the CKY films. The group later signed with The Island Def Jam Music Group and released Infiltrate•Destroy•Rebuild in 2002, which gave the band its first experience of US chart success. An Answer Can Be Found followed in 2005, before latest studio album Carver City was released by Roadrunner Records in 2009.

CKY has been categorised as a band of multiple musical genres, including alternative metal, post-grunge and skate punk. The band's songwriting in the past was typically led by Miller, with production, engineering and mixing handled by Ginsburg. In recent years, internal tensions between band members halted progress on new material and touring; Ginsburg, Margera and Deis have since retained the CKY name, while Miller has reformed Foreign Objects and started a new version of the band as MechaCKY.

CKY (video series)

The CKY video series were a series of videos produced by Bam Margera and Brandon DiCamillo and other residents of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Four videos were released, Landspeed presents: CKY (later called CKY), CKY2K, CKY 3, and CKY4: The Latest & Greatest. There is also a CKY "documentary" DVD, which is a supplemental item in the hard-to-find CKY "Box Set," as well as two "CKY Trilogy" sets, both of which are compilation DVDs featuring scenes from the previous CKY DVDs. The videos were named after Bam Margera's brother Jess Margera and his band CKY (with Deron Miller and Chad Ginsburg). "CKY" stands for "Camp Kill Yourself".

The videos feature Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, their friends and Bam's relatives performing various stunts and pranks, interspersed with skating and prank footage of Bam and other pros. A trademark of the skating footage was to show unsuccessful trick attempts immediately followed by the same skater pulling the trick off. CKY started when Bam and his friends were in the same Graphics Arts class at school in West Chester, Pennsylvania. During class, they would go out to a field and film skits, eventually being compiled into the CKY series. In a 2002 interview Bam Margera said that more than 400,000 copies of the CKY series have been sold.


CKY may refer to:

  • CKY (band), US band, formerly "Camp Kill Yourself"
    • CKY (video series), named after the band
    • CKY Crew, people involved in the video series and related projects
  • CKY-DT, a television station in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • CKY-FM, an FM radio station in Winnipeg, Canada
  • CKY-FM, former callsign of CITI-FM radio station, Winnipeg, Canada
  • CKY, former radio station, Winnipeg, Canada, later CBW (AM)
  • CYK algorithm or Cocke–Younger–Kasami algorithm, usually CYK but sometimes CKY
  • Conakry International Airport, IATA code