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CJA may refer to:

  • Center for Justice and Accountability
  • CanJet, a low-cost chartered airline based in Canada
  • CJA (band)
  • Criminal Justice Act
  • Climate Justice Action
  • CJA, the guitarist from the Futurians
  • Center for Jewish Art
CJA (band)

Classical crossover group CJA (pronounced see-jay) consists of Joanne Jolee (vocals and keyboard), and her daughters, Leiticia Pestova (keyboards, vocals and violin) and Krystle Delgado (keyboards, vocals and cello). CJA's musical style is a blend of European pop, fused with the likes of J.S. Bach and Scarlatti, Celtic folk songs, traditional Irish fiddling and spiritual and poetic influences, as well as disco, opera and techno-industrial elements.