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init. Chemicals in the Workplace


CIW has multiple meanings:

  • California Institution for Women, a state prison in the USA
  • Canadian Index of Wellbeing, that measures the wellbeing of Canadians over time
  • Carnegie Institution of Washington
  • Chicago and Illinois Western Railroad
  • Central Indiana and Western Railroad
  • Certified Internet Web Professional
  • Coalition of Immokalee Workers
  • Computational Intensive Workload
  • ISO 639 language designation for Southwestern dialect of the Anishinaabe language, often called the "Chippewa language."

Usage examples of "ciw".

Sea Dart AAW missiles accounted for one of these, Sea Wolf AAW missiles accounted for another two, and then the CIWS on the Invincible downed three.

The Shanksville was being escorted by the largest group of SUB CIWS equipped vessels yet assembled, and was also itself equipped with the Anti-Killer Whale being deployed by the U.

Ingraham's armament included thirty-six Standard SM-1 surface-to-air missiles, four Harpoon missiles, and a full load of Mk 46 torpedoes for their Mk 32 torpedo tubes, plus lots of ammunition for both their Mk 75 gun and their 20mm Phalanx CIWS.