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n. civilian, someone not in the military

Usage examples of "civvie".

Through the platform binoculars Joe watched a heavy man in uniform and a gaunt man in civvies pacing in the headlights of a sedan outside the South-10,000 shelter.

What were the soldiers going to do, I wondered-just let the civvies have me?

Since Monday night, he had been packing civvies over to the boat club after work instead of coming back to the house in malodorous sweats.

The civvies were straight down into the foot wells of their vehicles and quite rightly so.

The media types seem to feel more comfortable talking to people in civvies, so we oblige.

Rita sat alone and composed in the back seat while a man in civvies sat twisted around to face her from the front.

And Mirrors wear armor less and less, and off-duty civvies are handmade.

That was my theory anyway, and I set off one afternoon for the main street, wearing civvies and in my own mind very much our man in Gibraltar.

We all trundled down to the boats, only to discover that the edge of the lake further down was lined with civvies with fishing rods.

This year I was in civvies as I was part of the protection outside the camp during the service.

Well, ma'am, we're here just to see you make a safe transit, and chase any boneheaded civvie that doesn't listen to his Traffic Control updates out of your way.

He'd done time in the Rangers as an enlisted then gotten out and gone civvie.