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CIVAC (In Spanish: Ciudad Industrial del Valle de Cuernavaca, English: Industrial city of the Cuernavaca Valley) is an industrial park and residential neighborhood located on in the municipality of Jiutepec, approximately 10 minutes (by road) south of Cuernavaca, in the state of Morelos, Mexico. It is divided in two areas: the industrial zone and the residential area, planned for housing of Civac's workers.

The first factory was Mexama which opened on 1961. On March 4, 1966, The Industrial City was officially established under a mandate from President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. That same year, Nissan Mexicana built and opened its first ever assembly plant outside Japan.

Civac is considered the most important economic development center of the State of Morelos and it accommodates a considerably amount of national and international enterprises such as Roche (formerly Syntex), Unilever, NEC, Baxter International, Alucaps, Givaudan, GlaxoSmithKline, Fibrolub Mexicana, Mycom Mayekawa, along with other 150 companies. Nissan still operates in Civac; it is the largest facility in the industrial park, it has two manufacturing plants on site and employees more than 2000 workers.

PROCIVAC (Asociacion de Propietarios de CIVAC, CIVAC Owners Association) was created in 1972 to manage the operation of public services in the area. However, in 1993 its responsibilities were restricted to the industrial zone only.

PROCIVAC is in charge of water services, trash collection, road maintenance, landscape maintenance, public lighting, signage and general infrastructure; also, PROCIVAC supervises urban projects, offers advise on industrial safety and environment preservation. One of its key areas are: the CCEC (Centro de Control de Emergencias de Civac, Civac Emergency control center), specialized on the prevention, training and control of industrial emergencies; and the ECCACIV, Latin America's most modern wastewater treatment plant.

Civac residents have easy access to other services like public and private schools (Daycare, pre-school, elementary, middle school and two technological centers), medical facilities, worship temples, parks, banking facilities, shopping areas and a constant and affordable transportation system which connects them to Cuernavaca and Jiutepec metropolitan areas.

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