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city centre
▪ Environmentalists fear that many citizens will simply forge documents in order to gain access to the city centre.
▪ Established in 1766 Whistler's Bar Busy, popular city centre pub.
▪ Railway lines channel wildlife into the city centre along their cuttings and embankments.
▪ She would get down to the city centre somehow.
▪ The police had sealed off only part of the city centre while the bomb squad investigated.
▪ When we hit the city centre, cafés were open, people were everywhere, cars jammed the roads.
city centre

n. the central part of a city [syn: city center, central city]

City Centre (Miskolc)

Miskolc City Centre is basically the historical part of the city of Miskolc, Hungary. Most of the other parts of the city were either independent towns and villages previously, or they were built later.

Many of the characteristic buildings of Miskolc can be found in the city centre, although the most famous ones, like the castle of Diósgyőr or the Cave Bath of Lillafüred are outside of it.

City centre (Doetinchem)

Stadscentrum or Centrum is the most central district of Doetinchem, the biggest city in the Gelderse Achterhoek. On the south side of the district is the Oude IJssel river, which can be crossed via three bridges; the Europabrug, the Oude IJsselbrug and the Saap Roelofsbrug. The city centre consists of what used to be the historical city of Doetinchem, until it got bombed by the British in 1945, who presumably mistook the city for the city of Kleve, Germany. During this bombing, large parts of the district went up in dust, including most of the city wall and city gates. Reminding of these are the street names in the district and the piece of wall remaining by the riverbank of the Oude IJssel.

In this district you will find the regular services to be found within any city centre, such as shops (with mostly regional functions), multiple restaurants, bars and cafés and a hotel. Cultural services can be found in the district as well.

Usage examples of "city centre".

Just three miles from the city centre, it was like being in the country.

They were attacked three more times as they moved along the road to the city centre, but now the men knew what to look for most kept their eyes to the ground-level cracks in the tumbled masonry and the Skraelings were unable to surprise them as they had at first.

He accepted the veil that the city centre had put back on the day, on what had happened.

The apartments had been built during the time of Stalin, when Anna Dostoyevna had been Minister of Culture and had had much to do with the design of the new city centre.

Tall city centre offices, apartments and shops lined the sides of the road he followed making him feel claustrophobic and trapped and further exaggerating the nausea and panic with which he already suffered.

March paid the taxi driver, who promptly turned and set off back towards the city centre.

The jackal walked away into the bright sunshine and two streets away found a cruising taxi to take him back to the city centre and the Hotel Amigo.

Having already exerted a grip on the city centre's entertainment sector, he'd been well placed when the drug trade moved from the housing schemes to the nightclubs during the 1990s.

Nothing too ostentatious, and it doesn't have to be very long, but I want a whole street, somewhere near the city centre.

Scores of old buildings in the city centre have been sandblasted and lovingly buffed, so that their granite surfaces gleam anew, and dozens more were vigorously erected in the heady boom years of the 1980s - more than £.

Philip watched him go and then swung his gaze to the east, where two riders were making their way from the city centre.

After their meeting Persis had walked with him through the city centre and back to Stadium Crises, explaining that Rage would make the final decision.

Two of them overlooked the bridge, denying its use to the British, the third was closer to the city centre.