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city block

n. 1 The smallest part of a town enclosed by streets. 2 The distance from one urban street to the next, or an approximately comparable distance.

city block

n. a rectangular area in a city surrounded by streets and usually containing several buildings; "he lives in the next block" [syn: block]

City Block (Judge Dredd)
  1. Redirect Judge Dredd#Fictional universe
City block

A city block, urban block or simply block is a central element of urban planning and urban design.

A city block is the smallest area that is surrounded by streets. City blocks are the space for buildings within the street pattern of a city, and form the basic unit of a city's urban fabric. City blocks may be subdivided into any number of smaller land lots usually in private ownership, though in some cases, it may be other forms of tenure. City blocks are usually built-up to varying degrees and thus form the physical containers or 'streetwalls' of public space. Most cities are composed of a greater or lesser variety of sizes and shapes of urban block. For example, many pre-industrial cores of cities in Europe, Asia and the Middle-east tend to have irregularly shaped street patterns and urban blocks, while cities based on grids have much more regular arrangements.

City block (disambiguation)

City block may refer to:

  • City block, an area of a city surrounded by streets
  • City Block (Judge Dredd), a part of the fictional universe recounted in the Judge Dredd comix
  • Taxicab geometry or city block distance, a special case of the Minkowski distance

Usage examples of "city block".

On the first city block, they stayed near the edges of the buildings themselves and glanced inside any doorways or windows that offered a view.

A long city block away, Tras Preetror stepped out of a shadow to intercept him.

The highest was for an entire city block, six residence towers and a small park, one of the big developments from the city's prime, a century back.

And they still travel, from town to town, from borough to borough, from city block to the next one over, and then the next one over from that.

They had webbed off a whole city block under great tentlike sheets of translucent plastic, which hung from the walls of tall buildings like giant dew-soaked spiderwebs.

Good longball players could keep the game going until they were a city block apart.

UAES, Teamsters, banners on sticks, shouts and catcalls, three feet of sidewalk separating the factions, a debrisfilled gutter and studio walls bracketing the lines down a quartermile-long city block.

There were bullet holes in the walls and ceiling, doors and windows had been smashed and party records destroyed, and the entire building -- nearly a city block of offices and facilities -- was a shambles of glass, broken furniture and water-soaked paper.

There must've been six or seven hundred people, just in the city block I was on, that were crushed to death.

Within a single city block, she found herself fighting a trickle of panic.

Doc saw he would have just time to catch the plane that would arrive in New York at the time set by Var for the explosion of the city block.

A troop could take down a city block of looters -- stunned or terminated -- with a couple of passes.

A gargantuan web of twisted steel and crumbled walls erupted from a rubble island an entire city block in length.

Inside, next to the wall, was a fenced-in area the size of a city block.

It was the Medellin sicarios who loved to blow away half a city block to get their job done.