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n. (plural of cit English)

Usage examples of "cits".

As a young boy, I wanted to go to sea, before I understood only cits and salts did that.

That is why we speak plainly, whilst Cits learn to be roundabout as Snakes.

And if I miss the excitement of the Season in years to come, I shall set myself up as a chaperon for daughters of rich cits wishing to marry well!

Nor, particularly, confiding in too many of those Cits about the Goah-lem, now, for to many of them, the Old Knowledge is an Evil they'll be as content to execute ye for, as lock ye away.

CITS, the Central Integrated Test System, was a monitoring, recording, and troubleshooting device on the B-l bomber that acted like a flight data recorder.

Lots of pretty pictures for de TV stations, they be happy to show all your Cits what you make happen.