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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cite \Cite\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Cited; p. pr. & vb. n. Citing] [F. citer, fr. L. citare, intens. of cire, ci[=e]re, to put in motion, to excite; akin to Gr.? to go, Skr. ? to sharpen.]

  1. To call upon officially or authoritatively to appear, as before a court; to summon.

    The cited dead, Of all past ages, to the general doom Shall hasten.

    Cited by finger of God.
    --De Quincey.

  2. To urge; to enjoin. [R.]

  3. To quote; to repeat, as a passage from a book, or the words of another.

    The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.

  4. To refer to or specify, as for support, proof, illustration, or confirmation.

    The imperfections which you have cited.

  5. To bespeak; to indicate. [Obs.]

    Aged honor cites a virtuous youth.

  6. (Law) To notify of a proceeding in court.

    Syn: To quote; mention, name; refer to; adduce; select; call; summon. See Quote.


n. citation vb. (present participle of cite English)

Usage examples of "citing".

In the end, the jurors believed Sergeant Exley, and Kellerman, citing the suspended sentence received by Bloody Christmas defendant John Brownell, asked Judge Arthur Fitzhugh to take mercy on his client.

White transferred to Surveillance under the cloud of last year's unfortunate Christmas mess, and Deputy Chief Green, citing the four excessive-force complaints filed against him, had some misgivings about the transfer (i.

Loew, 49, announced his resignation at his regular weekly press conference, citing nervous exhaustion and a desire to return to private practice.

Dukakis instantly compared Bush's dastardly trick of citing his record "to Sen.

Conservatives are prohibited from citing actual facts that reflect poorly on a Democrat's patriotism, but liberals regularly fire off shots like that from their little movie reviews.

Just hours after the United States Congress authorized the use of force against Iraq, Norway - the country that gave us the term "quisling" - voted to give Carter the Nobel Peace Prize, warmly citing Carter's opposition to the war.

Packwood was hailed in hallucinatory press notices ceaselessly citing his “courage.

Packwood was hailed in hallucinatory press notices ceaselessly citing his "courage.

I have also had a complaint on your behalf from the oversight agencies, SPRIM and MM, citing personal interference from the Inspector General.

He explained how Elder Ampris, superior to Lars Dahl, student in the Conservatory and as a ruling Elder of the Optherian Council, had approached him, citing the dilemma about Killashandra's true identity and the request to wound her, resolving the quandary.

It had only just received a report from Barevi, citing the disappearance of one of the new transporter vessels as well as over 2,000 slaves, destined for the mining colony at The Sot Fac Set which had been expecting replacements for unavoidable casualties in a major shaft collapse.

Then there’s the Hoyle-Wickraman-singh theory, which has never been totally discredited, citing the possibility of viruses.

Hard on the echoes of Telgar's grim news, Ista began citing its report.

Behind her eyes she remembered the awards citing the Multichord of Cetus III as the First Wonder of the Universe.

He had to admit that the Jew had spoken well, citing scripture quoted exactly the same way in their Torah and his Holy Koran.