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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1865, probably a back formation from citified. Related: Citifying.


vb. 1 (context intransitive informal English) To become more like or more in the character of a city. 2 (context transitive slang English) To make more like or more in the character of a city. 3 (context transitive informal English) To make more like a city person.

  1. v. accustom to urban ways; "Immigration will citify the country?"

  2. [also: citified]

Usage examples of "citify".

Back in Europe, after seven centuries of Mongol dominance, they have become citified, domesticated, sippers of wine, theatergoers, cultivators of gardens, but here they follow the ways of their all-conquering forefathers.

The flight was like that of citified starlings rising when disturbed to settle again three trees further.

There were some citified moldies lounging around in front, not doing much of anything, and there was a black man beckoning people in from the sidewalk.

He was more slender than the others with a citified appearance that was an amusing contrast to the hard working, physical qualities of his peers.

Few humans had ever visited them, and fewer had returned, for while the citified Blueskins lacked some of the unpleasant habits of their savage brethren, they were inclined to be touchy and had some unpleasant tendencies toward atavism.

Everyone thought that a citified luxury - everyone but the inspector, evidently.

Bech, long mangled by citified cynicism, will now enter Rabbitland, with its safety, its squabbling, its marathon acquisitiveness.

Steve moaned his citified inadequacy while he groped in the dark cave, trying to make his brain remember where the packsack was.

Maybe even more disconcerting, I thought, would be to take one of those citified californians and move her to the Old West.

Too citified to understand that if she went any further she would be trespassingand that she was now on the land of someone scrupulous in his attentions to the gods of the soil and of boundariesLivia Drusa strolled on.

Elven invasion of the city to mercenaries using flashdrakes to slaughter the citified Haladina wholesale.

Described as cosmopolitan and as citified as a Wall Street broker.

I'm not citified like some of these tenderfoots who haul produce from door to door out in the suburbs.