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n. (archaic spelling of city English)

Usage examples of "citie".

Of course, he might have come from one of the eastern cities, but I doubt that very much.

The entire northland was theirs, and maybe much of the east as well, though tribes of the People had built at least five cities there, places known only by name and rumor to those who lived in Dawinno.

But I do know this: there could be ruined Great World cities out there, and some of them may be as full of treasure as Vengiboneeza was.

Very likely the ruins of those cities are waiting for us, even as Vengiboneeza was.

And, like Hresh, I would not casually sign away our right to explore the Great World cities of the other continents.

It could be that their cities were mere things of mist and film, and when the humans went away, nothing but the faint traces of their cities stayed behind.

No wonder we came erupting out building enormous cities and filling them with our young.

This one here, with its binding hanging all in faded scraps, is the Book of the Cities, in which the names of all the capitals of the Great World are inscribed.

New Springtime, where the wild beasts of the Long Winter still roam free in the forests and the parched and eroded relics of abandoned Great World cities lie shriveling like shards of bone on the dry windy uninhabited plateaus.

The distance between the two cities was so great, the time of travel so long.

It could well be the capital of the great and pure and proper world that we of the cities have failed to create.

And hjjks, always hjjks, myriads of them, perfectly organized, clear-minded and cold-eyed, living ever in accordance with the vast millennia-spanning scheme that was Egg-plan, moving among the other races, often spending years at a time in the Great World cities before returning to the Nest from which they came.

There had been cities greater than Vengiboneeza upon this Earth, Hresh knew, of which not a scrap remained, not even their names.

She would designate the acceptable locations of any new cities we might build, to keep most of the world free for Her people.

Now Nialli Apuilana shows the Queen the armies of the People advancing from east and west and south: not merely the force that Thu-Kimnibol had brought with him from Dawinno, but the warriors of all the Seven Cities of the continent, from Yissou and Thisthissima and Gharb, from Ghajnsielem, from Cignoi, from Bornigrayal, every tribe of every land, all of them united here in one cataclysmic outpouring of joined strength.