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n. 1 (context microbiology English) The set of DNA segments (''cis'') of a transacting factor on a ''genome'' scale. 2 (context microbiology English) A map of all locations effected by the estrogen receptor.


The cistrome refers to "the set of cis-acting targets of a trans-acting factor on a genome-wide scale, also known as the in vivo genome-wide location of [transcription factor binding-sites] or histone modifications". The term cistrome is a portmanteau of cistr (from cistron) + ome (from genome). The term cistrome was coined by investigators at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School.

Technologies such as chromatin immunoprecipitation combined with microarray analysis " ChIP-on-chip" or with massively parallel DNA sequencing " ChIP-Seq" have greatly facilitated the definition of the cistrome of transcription factors and other chromatin associated proteins.