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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Buddie had been very angry, but everyone else had laughed at Frankie and called him a snivelling cissy.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

chiefly British English variant of sissy (q.v.).


n. 1 (alternative spelling of sissy English) 2 (label en LGBT slang) A cissexual or cisgender person.


adj. having unsuitable feminine qualities [syn: effeminate, emasculate, epicene, sissified, sissyish, sissy]


Cissy, Cissie or Cissi may refer to : __NOTOC__

Usage examples of "cissy".

Holding the now-empty tin plate in one hand, Cissy suddenly squatted, reaching with her free hand beneath her skirts.

Both guards were close to Cissy now, one holding her bridle, the other positioning himself to help her down, and both were completely preoccupied with her.

Macklin swung into the saddle, reining back the chest- nut as Cissy climbed onto the roan.

Finally, though, as the last bright sliver of the sun vanished, lighting up the sky in a glorious blaze of reds and greens and lavender, Macklin and Cissy reined up their horses.

Dismounting, he handed the reins to Cissy and signed to her to stay put.

They laid the woman down on a blanket, and covered her with her buckskin skirt, which Cissy found in a heap nearby.

He held the woman as Cissy smeared some of the oint- ment on the worst of the blisters on her scalp, forehead, ears, and shoulders.

After a time, he left Cissy to stay with her, and walked about the clearing.

Macklin had her sit astride the chestnut and led her up the mountain paths, with Cissy riding behind.

Both Tze- go-juni and Cissy spoke Spanish, however-a side ben- efit, as Cissy explained it, of her lme of work-and their conversations that morning had been three-way roundtable affairs, with ideas communicated in a bizarre mix of all three languages.

He left Cissy to watch the Indian woman while he went out, scouting for Apaches, for water, for any sign of pursuit, for any sign of the monsters.

Macklin and Cissy were taken immediately to see the chief, an old man with a face deeply furrowed and cracked by age, care, and disease.

The Indians came up on either side of Cissy, and their mounts shied as well, ter- rified, eyes rolling back in their heads.

Moving with a speed and a grace that was decidedly not human, the creature moved past Cissy, aimed at the fleeing Yellow Snake, and fired again.

The creature was lining up for another shot when Cissy, de- liberately this time, moved her horse into its line of sight.