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Usage examples of "cissie".

Because one time the soft pedal went all queer because Cissie Dewry put her foot on it, so we always use it gentle-like.

When they had taken up the ends they looked at Parson Hedley, and he, indicating to Cissie with a wave of his hand that she place the children round the grave, opened the Bible, and the service began.

Taking the hint at the second shove, Cagney trotted off back along the street, making, to my surprise, straight for Cissie, who was still sitting on the kerb observing us.

The following day he walked the horse over to Pelaw and hitched it to an old farm cart that he was bringing back for repair, and it was on the return journey that he came across Cissie and two small black figures on the verge of the road.

So they were both resigned, and happily so, to spinsterhood, and the thought of living with Cissie again delighted them.

Cissie had screamed the warning almost into my face as a tall Blackshirt loomed up over my shoulder.

I only winged him, but it was still enough to make him screech like a barn owl and collapse into three Blackshirts behind him, spoiling their aim and creating enough disorder for me to slide back across the table towards Cissie.

I stopped when I noticed Stem, Cissie and Potter on their knees not far away, a bunch of Blackshirts covering them with an array of dissuaders clubs and knives, as well as guns.

I knew it was dark at the end of the corridor inside No 26, even during the day, a small set of steps leading down to the yard door, another flight descending from there to the cellar, and because of the lack of light the Blackshirts were now scrabbling around for the door key and bolts and banging at the wood in frustration, all of which was allowing me and Cissie extra time.

I reached down and hoisted Cissie up after me just as the Blackshirts began clambering over the far wall again.

The place is bomb-proof, Cissie, so if you get scared next time that damn crazy starts blitzing us again, just get yourself down here.

There were husks on the stairs, all dressed in faded Savoy livery, and it was over one of these uniformed corpses that I tripped, bringing both Cissie and Stem down with me.

It was a day of high rough wind, a drying day, and Cissie was in the wood room possing the clothes in a new tub and with a new poss stick that Matthew had had made for her, when the opening was blocked by the figure of a big woman.

The third morning that Cissie felt sick she knew it was not from an overindulgence either of mushrooms or of turnips or of the sour hard apples that Joe had brought back after his scrounging expedition.

Muriel and Cissie were staring at Wilhelm Stern, shocked by his words.