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Cissé (surname)

Cissé is a common West African name of Mandinka origin.

Notable people with the surname include:

Cisse (river)

The Cisse is a river in France which flows into the Loire at Vouvray. Its length is .


Cisse may refer to:

  • Cisse (river), a river flowing into the Loire at Vouvray, France
  • Cisse, Poland, a Polish village
  • Cisse Cameron, American actress (Space Mutiny)
  • Cisse, a snout moth genus nowadays considered a junior synonym of Herculia

Cissé may refer to

  • Cissé, Vienne, a French commune
  • Cissé, Burkina Faso, a Burkinabé commune
  • Cissé (surname)