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Cisla (Elan)

The Cisla River is a tributary of the Elan River in Romania.


Cisla is a municipality located in the province of Ávila, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2006 census ( INE), the municipality has a population of 175 inhabitants.

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Cisla (Vișeu)

The Cisla or Tâșla is a right tributary of the river Vișeu in Romania. It discharges into the Vișeu in Borșa.

Cisla (disambiguation)

Cisla may refer to:

  • Cisla, a municipality in the province of Ávila, Spain
  • Cisla (Elan), a river in Vaslui County, eastern Romania
  • Cisla (Vișeu), a river in Maramureș County, northern Romania
  • Cîșla, Cantemir, a commune in Cantemir district, Moldova
  • Cîșla, Telenești, a commune in Telenești district, Moldova