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Cisalpin (train)

The Cisalpin was an express train that linked Paris-Gare de Lyon in Paris, France, with Milano Centrale in Milan, Italy. Introduced in 1961, it was operated by the SNCF, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) and the Italian State Railways (FS).

The train's name literally means this side of the Alps; It is the Roman name for the Po Valley which is seen from Rome the plain on foot of the Roman side of the Alps.

After January 1984, the Cisalpin operated as two separate trains, with timed connections in Lausanne, no longer running as a through train between France and Italy. It was discontinued in 2003.


Cisalpin (French, derived from Latin - this side of the Alps, i.e. the Italian side of the Alps) may mean:

  • Cisalpin, a typeface designed by Swiss typographer Felix Arnold for use in cartography
  • The Cisalpin (train), which ran between Paris and Milan
  • French ship Nestor (1793), which was renamed Cisalpin in 1797