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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. The cirl bunting


Usage examples of "cirl".

Rondl had seen Cirl when she flashed in despair as she plunged into the water.

That male friend had been practicing sarcasm-another obscure concept-on Cirl, making her suffer.

The Viscous Circle as Cirl envisioned it was a tremendous swirl of color, perhaps as big as the universe, turning quickly at the center, slowly at the fringe, so that its internal structure was constantly charging while its external torus shape remained constant.

The lines, Cirl happily explained in much detail, had originally been natural, emanating from the intensely metallic core of the home planet, but as the Bands achieved civilized status, they constructed line generators and organized the lines for greater convenience.

And wondered, a trifle guiltily, whether he would have felt the same if Cirl had not been a physically esthetic, magnetically attractive, socially winsome young female.

The tube kept curving until at last it closed on Cirl, completing the circle.

He had agreed to collaborate with Cirl because he liked her appearance and company.

Despite his decision to be objective, Rondl yielded to apprehension and reversed course as Cirl came near.

The monster veered, going after Cirl, who was obviously the more delectable creature.

Because the gap between Cirl and the predator was closing slowly, he had time to maneuver closer at a tangent.

If any of the Bands lost nerve and let go, the whole tube could break up, and Cirl was already on the horn of the monster.

What would he do, if the formation broke, and Cirl lost her life-when she had trusted him?

Rondl and Cirl waited well out from Glow with a reserve troop of Bands.

Next time he slept, he would be sure to have Cirl with him to abate the effect.

It had been his great good fortune to encounter Cirl, the lonely female Band.